Dexster Cruiser 15" Mystic Purple

Create some magic with the 15" Mystic Cruiser.

Embrace the relaxed, carefree lifestyle and coast into the sunset on the Dexster Cruiser.

With an easygoing style, the Cruiser is perfect for the younger rider (kids to teens) who craves style and comfort. Designed for carving and coasting through the concrete jungle, it’s the perfect scooter for chasing that eternal summer feeling. A robust frame made with precision, it’s a set-up that has your back when it comes to smooth stability.


Rider’s Age: 6 – 14 years
Max Weight: 70kg/154lbs
LxHxW (cm/”): 56 x 110 x 53 / 18x44x16

Other Information:

  • 2 handle bar sizes small and medium 
  • Patented 15” Spatch deck with shock treated foam
  • Ultra soft hand grips, high-performance ball bearings and wide wheels
  • Reinforced steel frame and polymer compound deck
  • Threadless compression system and extra light aeronautic grade handlebars
  • Black frame, Green 15" deck.
  • HTS 9503.00.00.
  • Made of aluminium, steel and plastic.
  • Designed in New Zealand, made in China.