Love to cruise? You need only three things; a body, a pavement and a Dexster.

The ultimate form of transportation Dexster’s unique wide deck has your feet side by side so your body’s aligned. Lean out and Dexster moves. Kick out and you’re cruising or carving up the street. It’s a shift in gears. The future of movement. There are two core starter options available but the Dexster is designed to showcase your personal sense of style. With a broad range of eye-popping colours available, you’ll be able to find one that’s in line with your vibe. Boring isn’t a word in our dictionary. Want to take your Dexster to the next level? Head over to the Workshop and tinker to your heart’s content. From griptapes and boards right down to screws and bearings, you’ll be able to max out the radness of your scooter.

Get on board because adventure awaits and the concrete’s calling, find the perfect Dexster for you today.

Dexster Cruiser 15" Electric Pink $69.00
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